Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We need an official name for our 'Scrap club'!!!

If you have any ideas please comment below with your suggestion.

There will be prizes for creativity,
as well as a random draw from all who comment their ideas.

Enter as many original names as you want and increase your chances of winning.


Susan Mehlen said...

Scrapaholics Anonymous

Marianne Payne said...

Scrappers R' Us

rnhockey6 said...

oThe Happy Scrappers

The Dapper Scrappers

OK maybe not very original and maybe not very good but that's all I could think of for now.


rnhockey6 said...

How bout The Yappy Scrappers

rnhockey6 said...

or The Yappy Scrappy Club..... I'm tired...better go to bed.

Michelle said...

Girls Gone Scrappy, Crazy Croppers, scrappin mamma's ..

lara said...

Scrappin' Hot Mommas!
Fight Club!
Scrappin' Sisters!